Parish Trustees & Councils

Parish Trustees

Every parish in the Archdiocese of St. Paul/Minneapolis is independently incorporated as a church corporation with non-profit status under Minnesota civil law. By law, each corporation is mandated to have an operative board of trustees, governed by related articles of incorporation.
The Archbishop serves as the president of every parish board in the archdiocese, and the archdiocesan vicar-general serves as a vice-president of every parish board. The pastor serves as a vice-president for the parish to which he is assigned. Each parish selects for the Archbishop’s designation two trustees to serve the board as treasurer and secretary. Normally, terms of office for parish trustees extend for two years, which may be renewed by the designation of the pastor and Archbishop. Trustees need to be active and committed members of the parish community, who have substantial experience in business and financial administration or civil law.


Our parish trustees are:

Jeff Pricco | Vic Roers


Pastoral Council

The Parish Pastoral Council is an advisory and consultative body that collaborates with the Pastor in envisioning the overall ministerial needs and plans of the parish community. The pastoral council should be a body composed of careful, prayerful, discernment of the parish's mission and ministry, setting forth planning processes to assure the vitality of all areas of parish ministry. Members should be representative of as broad a range as possible of parish membership and should work not only with the pastor but with the parish staff to ascertain ministerial needs for short and long-planning objectives. The pastoral council meets monthly to quarterly. Membership is determined by a process of discernment within the parish community, and members will rotate through staggered three-year terms of service.


Our parish pastoral council members are:

Patrick Boulay | Rebecca Gerber | David McGinty | Mark Wight


Parish Finance Council

The Parish Finance Council is a body mandated by the Code of Canon Law. The council has an advisory and consultative role to the pastor. Its mission is to support the pastor in the stewardship of parish financial resources, and in so doing the Council is held accountable to the parish community and to the Archbishop. Consultation, evaluation, dialogue, and consensus are at the heart of the decision-making process of the Parish Finance Council. The Council meets monthly from September through May, planning and reviewing in collaboration with the pastor the annual parish budget, reviewing and managing any parish investment funds, and planning for long-term capital management needs. Members of the Council should have a love for the church and its mission as expressed in the parish community and have professional experience in areas such as business administration or management, finance, accounting, law, or related fields.


Our parish finance council members are:

John Baumgartner | Mark Brodersen | Mark DeGiusti | Trish Gries