Different Readings and Extra Rites - Part 1

Different Readings and Extra Rites

Those at the 11 am Mass last week, or those who read the bulletin, will know that there were 3 people with their sponsors or godparents that participated in the “Rite of Sending” at Mass, where we sent Parvati to the Rite of Election and Harrison and Kalen to the Rite of the Call to Continuing Conversion which were celebrated together at the Basilica by Bishop Williams that afternoon.  


This week, Harrison and Kalen, who are already baptized, but who will be received into the Full Communion of the Catholic Church, will participate in a Penitential Rite during the Liturgy of the Word. In the Rite “all present will hear a comforting message of pardon for sin, for which they will praise the Father’s mercy.”  Indeed, the prayers should help us all to prepare for renewing our baptismal promises at Easter;  but the two candidates will hear this in their own unique way as this Rite is intended to be a “Lenten purification of the Baptized” to prepare them for the Sacrament of Reconciliation and, ultimately, to receive First Holy Communion (Kalen), and Confirmation (both Kalen and Harrison). The blessing and our intercessions at this Mass accompany them in this final period of preparation.  


Looking ahead, during the last 3 Sundays of Lent, we will celebrate the Scrutinies for Parvati. You may have noticed that the readings in your worship aid are different for the other Masses than the 11 during those weeks. This is because the Lenten Readings in cycle A have strong baptismal themes and are so chosen to help the Elect to prepare to receive the Sacrament of Baptism. Again, this is also a wonderful opportunity for us all to reflect on our own baptism; the power of being called, the graces we’ve received, and how we therefore ought to live our lives.  


Check back next week to learn more about the Scrutinies! 


Elizabeth Pike

Director of Liturgy & Music