It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like Pumpkins

Unloading Pumpkins

It’s beginning to look a lot like…pumpkins. I’ve been spending some time at the Our Lady of Peace Pumpkin Patch this week. It’s a great excuse to be outside and enjoy these unusually warm October days, and a great opportunity to meet parishioners, school families, and neighbors of our parish. A significant theme has emerged in my reflections on my time at the Pumpkin Patch: the Lord chooses us because He loves us and not because He needs us.


On Monday, October 11 at approximately 1 pm, a semi-truck trailer full of almost 2,500 pumpkins began to be unloaded by volunteers, assisted by Our Lady of Peace 5th-8th graders and their teachers. As you might imagine, dozens of students plus thousands of pumpkins equals mild chaos. Despite several wheelbarrow drivers losing their balance and a few pumpkins rolling down the hill, the work was accomplished much more quickly with many hands. Could a team of solely adults have gotten the task done in a more efficient and orderly fashion? Absolutely. Would a team of solely adults have had as much fun unloading pumpkins? Certainly not.


In the same way, OLP students were chosen not because of their reputation for efficiency and accuracy but because they are members of a community and are deeply loved, the Lord chooses us. The God who created the world doesn’t need our help to proclaim His message of salvation to the world. He’s God. He could appear individually to every person who has ever lived and will ever live and personally introduce Himself. However, the Lord chooses to invite and equip each of His followers to share the truth of Christ with the world in their words and actions. Why? Because He knows the deep and lasting joy we will experience when we are doing what we were created to do. And He doesn’t mind a few toppled wheelbarrows along the way.


Jocelyn Johnson

Youth Minister