Pro-Life People

Pro-Life People

Roe vs. Wade was decided by the Supreme Court on January 22, 1973. Ever since, on January 22, people who are pro-life have gathered to pray and to march for life. They hope to get that decision overturned. Currently, the Supreme Court has agreed to take up the issue of whether states can ban at least some abortions before fetal viability—directly challenging Roe v. Wade.


Those who are pro-choice don’t like to mention the choice they’re championing—ending a life. Barring an abortion, the child would develop and then be born, like every other human being on the planet. 

The pro-life position is that there are two lives to consider, the mother’s and the baby’s. And, while there are risks to the mother—pregnancy and childbirth are not pleasant and can be dangerous—abortion is 100% fatal to the fetus. Nowadays, the first baby picture is often an ultrasound picture, shared on social media and hung on refrigerators, making it difficult to deny the unborn baby’s humanity.

Beyond yearly prayer vigils and marches, some pro-life advocates help pregnant women and their children in pregnancy care centers every day. I was volunteering in Southside Life-Care Center (now defunct) when I met a heroic pro-life mother. 

I was seated at the reception desk when she came in carrying her baby girl in a car seat. She told me her story while the Center’s Director packed up a gift bag of tiny outfits, diapers, and formula. She had been working, taking classes, and raising a child with health issues when she discovered she was pregnant. Her husband demanded that she abort their child, or he would abandon the family. She refused, and he followed through on his threat. She struggled on until her doctor ordered bed rest. Then, she contacted Southside Life-Care Center and they put her in touch with a church group who helped her through the last few months of her pregnancy.
While she spoke, I admired the tiny, sleeping child in pink pajamas, with shiny, dark curls and long eyelashes resting on her plump cheeks. I was amazed by this small miracle, and so grateful for her mother’s courage and resolve.

I invite you to come to a Prayer Service for Life on Thursday, January 22, St. Paul Cathedral, at 10:00 am; followed by the annual, local March for Life to the Capitol at noon.


Bonnie Oldre
OLP Community Member