Stories from Tandem Family Resource Center - Part 2

Photo from Tandem Family Resource Center's Facebook page.

Every year during Advent, the Our Lady of Peace community participates in a charitable giving drive entitled "Fill the Crib." During this time wmembers of our community bring in items suitable form mothers and their infants and toddlers. The donations are brought to Tandem Family Resource Center for distribution to those in need. During the Advent and Christmas season, we will share stories from mothers who have been impacted by Tandem. Click here to learn more about Tandem Family Resource Center.


Meet Mama E


It was hard to imagine that this moment could be filled with both joy and fear at the same time. Just hours after the birth of my youngest child, my entire world fell apart. My husband, the father of my children, dropped them off at the hospital...and never returned. All that remained was an eviction letter and notices to shut off my utilities. 


It was devastating. We were completely alone. 


A social worker at the hospital told me about Tandem. I remember the look on her face as she handed me the card, “This place...THIS is where you go for help. THIS is what they DO.” 


While I came for rental assistance, I found so much more. I had sold everything we had, even our furniture, trying to keep a roof over our heads. Tandem blessed me in so many ways. Not only was I approved for rental assistance and help with my utilities, they also helped replace our furniture, provided a crib along with all of the newborn supplies I needed. They even made sure I had county support to ensure I could stay on my feet until I returned to work. 


You might be thinking that this doesn’t seem all that significant, but I assure you, it changed my entire world. And I need you to know that it goes beyond the material items and the financial support they provided. It was like having a support group immediately around me in the exact moment of feeling completely abandoned. 


Every week, I get to come be part of a group of women where we are learning and growing and figuring out new ways of managing life. I feel encouraged that I CAN do this as a single mom and it makes me feel like my kids have a real chance at a successful life. Looking back, the social worker could not have said it more perfectly. Tandem is the ONLY place to go when you are a mama in need.