Uniting the Church through Small Groups

Uniting the Church through Small Groups

Through the Archdiocesan Synod process, Archbishop Hebda has described a dream to welcome every member of the Church into small groups in 2024. The pastoral team at Our Lady of Peace has had this same dream for several years, and the Synod has moved us into action. Over the last year, OLP’s Synod Evangelization Team, a group of eleven people including Fr. Ellis, staff from the church and school, and leaders from within the community, have been praying, learning, and planning how to bring the Archbishop’s dream to fruition.


Rick Schreiber, an OLP member, and member of the Synod Evangelization Team, has been a part of several small groups over the last thirty years and has many beautiful things to say about his experiences and why he continues to seek out small groups:


“I keep coming back to small groups for several reasons: friendship, the opportunity to learn for others and grow in faith together, and for accountability. I like being with people, and everyone has something to offer. Small groups allow me to see how other Christians live out their faith daily, how God shows up in their lives, and explore how God might be working in my life.”


“The friends I have made through the various groups I’ve been a part of have been a valuable part of my life, even those I have not seen in years. I was out at a restaurant with my wife, and we ran into a woman who was in that first group 30 years ago. We picked up right where we left off; the connection was still there! That happens when we bring Christ in; that is the bond, and it is so much stronger when He is a part of it.”


Pope Francis refers to the Church as a “community of communities,” which we want to see come to fruition at Our Lady of Peace. Especially when many find living a faith-filled life isolating, we want everyone to have a community of friends in Christ with whom they can live life together in Christian community. This fall, we will host a seven-week small group leader training series for anyone interested in learning more about small groups and discerning their role in a small group - whether it is leading or supporting and participating. Please keep everyone in the OLP community in your prayers as we begin this initiative, and help us to experience the life-changing power of small-group Christian communities.


James Pike

Director of Communications & Parish Life