Middle School


EDGE Middle School Ministry at Our Lady of Peace

EDGE is a fun, welcoming community where middle school students build friendships, learn about their faith, and pray together.


Each week, we have a snack, play a game, hear the inspiring story of one of the saints, listen to a talk or video, discuss what we learned in a smaller group, and spend time practicing different styles of prayer together.


This year, we will focus on diving deeper into the pillars of our Catholic faith: Scripture and tradition.


During the fall semester, we’ll explore the parts of the Bible, salvation history, and how to read Scripture for study and prayer.


During the spring semester, we’ll break down the Nicene Creed, discussing each belief we profess and the history of Church tradition for each. 


A typical night at EDGE looks something like this:

6:15 pm-6:25 pm - Arrival, snack, & opening prayer

6:25 pm-6:40 pm - Large group game

6:40 pm- 6:50 pm - Saint of the day

6:50 pm- 7:10 pm - Talk or video content

7:10 pm- 7:25 pm - Small group discussion

7:25 pm-7:45 pm - Prayer


Open Youth Room

Youth Room (n.): a space in a church specifically designed for human beings to have fun with their friends, typically featuring comfortable furniture, snacks, and games


Beginning Tuesday, September 12, all sixth-eighth grade students are invited to hang out in the youth room each week from 3:15-5:00 pm.


This time will be spent enjoying snacks, playing games, and growing friendships with Christ and classmates.


All middle school students are welcome!


A typical Open Youth Room looks like this:

3:15 pm - Jocelyn and Michaela pick up students from their homerooms and walk to the youth room

3:20 pm - Snack and group conversation (“What was something good today?”)

3:45 pm - Free time in the youth room (Wii, board/card games, crafts, homework, conversation, foosball)

4:40 pm - Prayer in the church

5:00 pm - Dismissal (pick up at Door 2)

Open Youth Room


The Sacrament of Confirmation is an anointing of the Holy Spirit that seals, confirms, and strengthens the gifts received at Baptism.


To prepare to receive all of the gifts the Lord wants to confirm and pour out in their lives, students in 8th-11th grade participate in formation sessions from October to April before receiving the sacrament in May.


Candidates will meet twice monthly: one Sunday morning alongside their parent(s) or guardian(s) and another Sunday morning with their sponsor.


Sessions will include time to build relationships with candidates, catechists, parents, and sponsors, to share honestly about where they are in their spiritual journey, to learn more about the Holy Spirit, and to attend Mass together.


Candidates for Confirmation will also participate in an off-site weekend retreat in October.


A typical Confirmation session looks like this:

9:45 am - Arrival (light breakfast available)

9:50 am - Welcome, Announcements, Introduction, Opening Prayer

10:00 am - Icebreaker/Game

10:10 am - Content: 

Parent and Candidate Sessions: parents and candidates separately watch a video with small group discussion

Sponsor and Candidate Sessions: sponsors and candidates complete a Bible study or other activity together

10:50 am - Mass Catechesis (brief, interactive lesson on a part of the Mass)

10:55 am - Transition to Mass

11:00 am - Mass

12:00 pm - Coffee and Doughnuts in Pates Hall

High School

High school students can gather for a large group event on the first Saturday evening of each month beginning in October.


Some Saturday evenings will be at OLP, including dinner, games and activities, and prayer.


Some Saturday evenings will be in West St. Paul with dinner at Chipotle and Mass, Adoration, and a speaker at the NET Center. 


Additionally, high schoolers can commit to a small group meeting regularly during the school year for snacks, discussion, and prayer.